"I sincerely hope all parents/coaches of kids have an opportunity to play AAU basketball with a program like Wisconsin Academy (WA). My son's and I have been associated with WA for close to a decade and couldn't be happier with our experiences. If your goal as a player is to compete at the next level, or play college basketball then AAU hoops should be part of your plan and Wisconsin Academy is a fantastic choice. Great coaching, facilities, connections and a true sense of 'Family' is what you get with WA. Speaking from experience, I had the privilege of coaching two different age groups for the Academy and all 20 kids from my teams have gone on to compete in college athletics. I can't say thank you enough to all the people associated with the Academy that made summer basketball so much fun."

Lee Kostroski - Coach 2016 & 2018 boys teams.
Sons: Seth Kostroski (Ripon College), Spencer Kostroski

"does Wisconsin Academy mean to me and my family? My son Tommy decided after his Freshmen year of basketball that he wanted to grow his skill level and become a better player. He wanted to try out for Wisconsin Academy. Me being a single mom of 4, and honestly not knowing anything about AAU Basketball, Wisconsin Academy Basketball, or for the most part, basketball in general, I decided to give this a try.....

3 years later, I still do not know much about basketball, but Wisconsin Academy Basketball has become a huge part of our family. As Tommy has begun his Senior year of basketball, I have learned so much, but the most important thing I learned was these young men do not just come together from different parts of the state to play in tournaments and spend weekends together through the summer, the families all become one big family in the process. I felt welcomed from day 1, as did all of my kids. The bonds that have been created will never be broken, and they continue to support each other throughout the year. They try to get to other events that their teammates are playing in to show the support and loyalty that has been instilled in them through the coaching and mentoring that has been provided to them by being a part of the Wisconsin Academy Family. I saw my son not only become a better basketball player, but a better young man. Being held to a higher standard, has carried over to him being able to mentor others, especially his younger brother, who is also a part of this amazing program!"

-- Renee Young, mom of Tommy McClain (Stoughton)

"WA has been a wonderful organization to have our child involved in, only regret is we wished we had joined sooner. From the first meeting which was organized and friendly along with spelling out exceptions for the athlete and parent. It is awesome to have an organization expect hard work and good behavior from coaches, players, and parents. The exposure our U17 son got participating in high level tournaments was second to none. It has opened doors for college recruiting and given exposure our high school could never provide. The coaches were knowledgeable about the game along with mentoring and supporting our son. Our son is hoping to receive a scholarship for basketball, and we honestly have WA to thank for the exposure and the coach's ability to promote our athlete."

Dan and Stacy Prochaska
Son - Bryce Prochaska - Class of 2018

"Wisconsin Academy was a fantastic organization to be a part of. They put their players first and truly work to create a family-like environment. Their ability to use modern technologies to promote their players is outstanding. We feel very lucky to have been a part of the Wisconsin Academy Family. It was a great experience."

Randy & Jodi Hughes
Son - Tyler Hughes 2017
Winona State University - Football

"Our son had a great experience playing for WA from age 12 to 17. He improved his skills and played against great competition. The coaches were knowledgeable and provided valuable feedback for Nate. And, this is the best part, our entire family made life-long friends during the springs and summers spent on the road. Great memories were made with our WA Family!"

~ Rick and Kristin Verstegen - Parents of Nate Verstegen (Sun Prairie High School Class of 2017 and currently a member of the St Norbert Men’s Basketball Team, Class of 2021)

"I just wanted to tell you and the entire staff that Charlie had the most wonderful experience last summer playing for Lee Kostroski on the Wisconsin Academy 17U team! It was so nice to be part of this program. Charlie grew as a player and was exposed to so many college coaches playing with this team, not to mention he made some lifelong friends. The schedule was great and every tournament we were in was organized and challenging. All of the guys enjoyed each other and played like a true team. The coaching, sportsmanship and camaraderie was exceptional. I am sad to think his AAU career is over but looking forward to watching him play in college. Thank you for all you did throughout the years for Charlie and for always being so kind."

Chuck & Nancy Soule
Son - Charlie Soule - Class of 2016 - Carroll University Basketball

"#WABFAM, really does say it all. Becoming part of the WABFAM was an amazing experience for my daughter. Every coach she has worked with at WAB has displayed both kindness and a keen understanding of the sport. The coaches have guided her in developing all aspects of her game. Furthermore, in addition to the AAU program, they offer training opportunities throughout the year. The facilities are top flight. We travel to many different camps for training throughout the year, but I can't imagine having her play for any other club."

Maria Nygard

"Coach Chris Hibner is an inspirational coach, able to engage and
motivate the players through positive leadership. He is both incredibly
gifted with kids and has great knowledge of the game. He takes the
time to know each player uniquely, and works with them to be a better
player in every way. His energy during games is infectious. He is a
great role model, very organized, team oriented, and all around
outstanding coach. We were very lucky to have him as our son's

Peter and Azita

"Coach Hibner's has earned my trust, and that of his players, through his teaching methods and genuine
concern for the kids. His knowledge and experience brings the best out of the kids at every practice.
Coach's style is about becoming all you are meant to be on and off the court, while living a life of passion,
purpose, and impact. He is a proven leader that kids completely enjoy and his competitive spirit is


Ricky: "As a parent, what I learned about AAU.... is you follow a good coach wherever they go, and when you find an exceptional one hang on to them as long as you can. Good coaches can be hard to find. The coach creates the experience for the players and their families, not necessarily the program. With that being said, we would follow Coach Hibner to the ends of the Earth! He is truly exceptional!"

Kelly: "Hello to the "Luckiest Parents"!
I am writing to let you know that coach Hibner is one of the most positive, inspiring and caring coaches your child will have a chance to play for. We were privileged enough to have our daughter play for coach Hibner for 2 seasons of Academy. She not only thrived and grew as a player, but her confidence also soared through his direction, positive reinforcement and "teachable moments".
If you have ever had a chance to see him coach, you may notice he has a very "motivating" volume in his voice. Most fans (especially those on opposing teams) may think he's yelling at the players. What I encourage them to do is listen to WHAT he's saying... NOT his volume. GUARANTEED they will change their opinion! Trust me, we know the difference. We have had coaches who were belittling, negative and truly YELLED at the players. Coach Hibner yells FOR his players. We felt so privileged to have had the opportunity to have our daughter play for coach Hibner. It was truly a "game changer" for us all."

Ricky and Kelly

"Coach Hibner has coached our son at the 10u and 11u levels. Saying our experience was 100% positive would be an understatement. Coach Hibner is an excellent role model for his players and we are blessed to have our son play for him.

Chris Hibner, 12U, is an excellent basketball coach, very intense, but always positive in his critique of the players. He stresses fundamentals first and uses aau basketball as a tool to improve working as a team while improving each player as an individual. During games he is continually teaching the players on the court and the bench while stressing tough man to man defense and pushing them to learn every time they are on the court. These are the fundamentals that the players need to develop now to succeed as they grow older. Coach Hibner's passion for basketball, his players, and his families show at every practice and tournament. We couldn't be more pleased with our son's progress and the progress of his teammates. It's been so rewarding and so much fun to watch!"

Jay and Lynne

Kari: "Very organized! From tournaments to practices to skill development, parents and players always know what's going on. I also appreciate Coach Hibner's focus on skills and teaching the game. His posttournament reflection emails and use of digital video tools to improve his teachings were well received by our son. He has been a great coach."

Scott: "B+ (be positive), NRG...(energy)" two phrases often preached by Coach Hibner and also displayed in the play of our team. I see the positive effects of Chris' career as an educator and teacher leader. He is a role model that I want my son to be around. Each year my son, Luke, has played for Coach Hibner he has gained skills, confidence and a desire to improve."

Scott and Kari Fernholz

"Our son loves playing for Coach Hibner. He loves how Coach teaches him and his team to compete. He loves it because he knows that Coach is helping him become a better player. And he loves it because Coach makes it fun for him and his teammates.. As parents, we love Coach Hibner because of his approach and the positive learning environment he creates for our son and the team. Coach Hibner is enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Anyone who has watched him coach knows his distinctive, booming voice. But unlike many coaches I have observed at tournaments, Coach Hibner is not condescending or demeaning. He is constantly offering his players positive encouragement. This does not mean that he doesn't hold his players accountable. To the contrary, he does this all the time, but always in a positive, constructive wayand this makes all the difference in the world. Coach Hibner is the consummate teacher in the most positive sense of the word, and we feel fortunate that our son has the opportunity to play for him."


"As a mother, my heart breaks whenever I hear a young boy being put down by his coach (whether with a snide comment like "What do you think you're doing?" or with a condescending tone). Coach Hibner doesn't belittle his players! He builds them up and inspires them with a passion that brings out their best both individually and as cohesive team. I know others sing his praises because of his excellence with the technical aspects of the game (which I know little about), but for me, what I love most about Coach Hibner is that he is molding my son to be a great player, yes, but even more important, he is molding my son to be a great man. Chris Hibner, 12U"


"Chris is extremely passionate about the game of basketball and his passion is demonstrated through his commitment to the kids he coaches. He works with players to develop fundamentals and skill improvement, all while maintaining a fun and organized environment. Chris has coached our daughter and we are very grateful for the player development, positive attitude and basketball knowledge that he provided while coaching her teams."

Jim and Karen

"Chris Hibner is a wonderful coach, and our family has had nothing but positive experiences with our child on his team. As an educator, he comes to the game knowing how to teach kids in a way that breaks skills down into achievable tasks. Additionally, he knows the value of camaraderie and cohesiveness as a team, and supports all of his players in a way that promotes a true team experience where everyone feels valued and appreciated. Most importantly, he is a kind and caring human being with a passion for the game of basketball. Whether that is displayed as praise during a tough practice or a shout out during a game, the kids on his team know that every ounce of what he says to them comes from a place of positivity. We are thankful for the opportunity our child had to work with Coach Hibner."

Jim and Amy

"Coach Hibner was our daughter's AAU coach for three years. He is an excellent coach and when you ask his players what comes to mind when they describe him, they say that he is fun, cares about them as athletes ,wants each and everyone to have a team spirit and wants each player to develop their skills to the best of their abilities. He is a very fair coach and because he communicates directly with the players, they know what is expected of them and they play smart. He is direct yet encouraging to all of his players. As parents we appreciated his coaching style and we had a lot of fun cheering for our girls. As our daughter starts high school sports next year, we thank you Coach Hibner for instilling and encouraging these traits within her....a positive team spirit, intensity, a desire to achieve excellence, a good work ethic, absolute hustle and a love for basketball!"

The Kotlowski Family

"I loved being coached by Coach Hibner the last two years. His high energy pushes me to play much harder. His practices are also great... fast moving and always working on skills and competing."


"This will be our boys 4th year playing for Wisconsin Academy. We could not be more pleased. We have been to a lot of tournaments and the fit and finish of the Wisconsin Academy family is 1st class. Coach Hibner (U12) has earned my trust, and that of his players, through his teaching methods and genuine concern for the kids. Coach Schmotzer (U14) is a proven leader that kids completely enjoy and his competitive spirit is contagious!"

Todd Nelson - Father of four (3 boys playing & 1 future); Youth Football Coach