1) Wisconsin Academy is dedicated to providing its athletes with the fundamental, mental and physical developmental training to reach their highest possible potential as a basketball player.

2) Wisconsin Academy is built on putting Christian principles into action. Building strong moral values, character, academics, and service for our athletes is a high priority.

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The Wisconsin Academy builds its training system around the basic fundamental skills of the sport. Those fundamentals that hold our entire training system together, take many hours of practice and review throughout the course of an AAU season. Stressing the fundamentals also aids with developing a team’s discipline and confidence. Constantly working on fundamentals can help our players improve their skills and achieve their goals in basketball. This approach will not promise championships or medals, but it will promise improvement in all of our athletes.



Our program is unique in our passion for building high quality young men and women. We are not just striving to build basketball players. Our pursuit is building quality young people with values that will provide them a foundation for success in all facets of their lives. The pillars of our program are




Development of a love for the game of basketball.
Development of fundamentally sound basketball players.
Development of players who have what it takes to compete effectively at the high school and collegiate levels.
Development of excellent man-to-man defenders.
Development of offensive players in a motion-style system that will allow players to play in any system. Specific emphasis on ball handling, excellent passing, and attacking the basket.
Development of hard-nosed, competitive, and battle-tested players.
Development of all-around and well-conditioned athletes.
We will not spend great deals of practice time on plays or gimmicks to win games. Fundamentals will be the focus.
We not take shortcuts to win. Our long term goals of excellent players and team play in the long term will always trump short term results.



Humanity: Instilling Christian values of honesty, sportsmanship, service, and honor.

Academics: Developing student-athletes that value learning and academics.

Team Spirit: Expecting and modeling unselfishness, teamwork, humility, and commitment to team.

Excellence: Encouraging the work ethic and mentality to achieve excellence.

Competitiveness: Learning to compete with passion and sportsmanship.



We have always had excellent sportsmanship by parents. As a reminder, let’s remember to role model excellent sportsmanship. Let the coaches advocate for calls if things are not going our way. We must all remember that our kids are watching us and will behave as we do.



Wisconsin Academy coaches must possess the ability to hold themselves to a higher standard in coaching basketball. They need to be able to fill numerous roles for the team such as trainer of basic fundamental skills, team administrator, educator of player, and role model. Coaches must be involved with the team during the first phase of training so we can learn about our players as individuals and as a group. We do this to find out what we can learn about our team to help them grow as basketball players and individuals, which ultimately works towards becoming successful in attaining the team’s goals. Coaches must also address the physical and mental aspects of basketball. The physical training will be worked into our practices and will be monitored closely by our coaching staff. The mental training is addressed by creating a high energy, well organized practice environment. The combination of the two is tested by working towards playing a competitive tournament schedule against other top AAU teams. By utilizing this approach, we ensure all Wisconsin Academy athletes will be challenged to be mentally prepared every time they take the floor representing the Wisconsin Academy.



This team is a competitive tournament team. Unlike in recreational basketball, playing time will be based on performance, effort, and helping the team win. Please support the coaches decisions, even if you do not agree. If you have questions, please discuss them with us only if you are in emotional state to do so.



Our staff will strive to help each and every player regardless of age and ability to achieve maximum performance. For the young player we want to develop a solid base of fundamental skill as well as a passion for the sport of basketball. As players get older and progress through the program, we want to provide the path to a level of excellence that allows each and every athlete to test their limitations. Only by constantly testing out limits can we truly find our potential. This is the true measure that separates greatness from mediocrity and determines who will be the champion and who will fall short. Champions are not always the winner of the championship game, but the effort and commitment to themselves and to their teammates is the ultimate prize.



We are very lucky to have healthy kids who are able to participate in such a great sport. Let’s all be grateful for each other and the relationships we will all form. It is often one that we all forget. It is indeed a blessing to enjoy such a great game.



Players are expected to attend all practices and games.
Coaches must be informed ahead of time if a player is going to miss a practice or game. Much planning is involved in practice and game planning which requires knowledge of player numbers.
Players must arrive to practice on time. Be ready to play at the scheduled practice time. This will probably require arriving 5-15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time.